Executive Summary

Copyright on language and translation data is a minefield. Copyright legislation is different under national laws. North America knows the fair use ruling, allowing companies to make use of customer and crawled data for research and development. Europe does not have this fair use ruling. In an article published in January 2013 TAUS proposed some rules to clarify copyright on translation data. The European Commission is working on a modernization of copyright legislation. But since the outcome or the delivery date of new rulings is unknown at this point in time, the recommended treatment of the rights and restrictions on the use of data, as outlined in this report, fall under the existing legal conditions.

This document reports on the legal framework for the data collected and generated by the MMT project, and on how such data will be used and made available. We refer to the Data management plan (D 6.2) for an overview of the data collected during the project.

As stated in the project proposal, the MMT consortium decided to opt out of the Open Research Data Pilot in Horizon 2020 since part of the data collected during the project includes confidential data owned by clients of the commercial partners (Translated, TAUS), and there are also intellectual property rights (IPR) involved in part of the data collected from the web or third parties. In the section below we break down the types of data collected, generated and used during the project and we describe the usage rights and restrictions during and after the project vis-a-vis the consortium partners, the NewCo and the public.


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