Executive Summary

This document reports on the current state of the data collected and generated by the MMT project and on how such data will be used and made available. The data management plan will be updated during the project and we expect to release updates in months 18 and 30.

As stated in the project proposal, the MMT consortium decided to opt out of the Open Research Data Pilot in Horizon 2020 since part of the data collected during the project may include confidential data owned by clients of the commercial partners (Translated, TAUS) and there may also be intellectual property rights (IPR) involved in part of the data collected from the web or third parties. We did not and do not expect to be able to obtain permission to publish such confidential or IPR protected information in all cases.

The consortium will provide answers to such concerns and report on the published data and its availability beyond the end of the project at a later stage in the project in an update of this deliverable. The consortium will work towards releasing part of the data for research purposes wherever possible.


Download the PDF

1430235416_pdf-128MMT – D6.2 – Data Management Plan (PDF, 134 KB)