MMT – D2.3 – Second Report on Data Supply

This report describes the final status of the data collected for the project. The collected data, both bilingual and monolingual, is now stored in the newly developed MMT data repository DataHub […]

MMT – D4.4 – Live Integration with TAUS and MyMemory

During the second semester of the third year, the Consortium has carried out the Work Package
4 “Product Development & Pilot Management”, integrating MMT with external softwares.
As scheduled in the Work Package, MMT is now integrated with MyMemory. […]

MMT – D5.4 – Second Evaluation Report

We present the results of three evaluations of the performance of the ModernMT translation platform. First, we evaluate the performance of three ModernMT translation engines […]

MMT – D6.5 – Open Source Distribution

Consistently with the Horizon 2020 guidelines and principles, all the MMT software is Open Source, and the MMT project itself employs a collaborative software development model […]

MMT – D3.2 – Second Report on Database and MT Infrastructure

Executive Summary The objective of work package 3 “Database and MT Infrastructure” is to develop and implement the MMT machine translation architecture and its core components, in a way to meet the scalability and big data requirements of the project. It also includes aspects of research and innovation in order to achieve machine translation training […]

MMT – D5.3 – Second Evaluation Plan

Executive Summary This Second Evaluation Plan (D 5.3) updates and supersedes the First Evaluation Plan (D 5.1). Major changes from the previous plan are as follows: Following the discussion at the First Review Meeting, we dropped external benchmarks from the evaluation plan. All benchmarks will now be based on data collected and used within MMT. […]

MMT – D2.2 – First Report on Data Supply

Executive Summary This report describes the current status of the MMT data repository. Section 2 describes the updated folder structure of the repository. Section 3 describes the format, encoding and naming conventions of the files. Section 4 shows the new list of language pairs for MMT. Section 5 reports on the up­to­date supplied to MMT […]

MMT – D1.2 – Second Design and Specifications Report

Executive Summary This document presents updated design and specifications for the ModernMT prototypes and final product, that will be developed during the final 18 months of the project. Starting from the addressed use cases, we outline the overall requirements of the ModernMT product, and then explain how these have to reflect in the design and […]